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Owl & Scroll  lets you share your Kindle highlights with your friends and see their highlights. It’s great for sparking a discussion about your latest read with your friends or book club and enriches your shared reading experience.

Save Highlights

Our Chrome Extension lets you easily import your Kindle highlights into our app so you can reference them later.

Shared Reading

With our app, you can share your highlights from any book with any of your friends.

Compare Notes

See your friends highlights in the same place as yours.

Anytime, Anywhere

Our app syncs across all your devices so you can see your highlights anytime, anywhere.

"No two persons ever read the same book.”

― Edmund Wilson

"No two persons ever read the same book.”

― Edmund Wilson

How It Works

Our Chrome Extension imports your highlights and notes from the Amazon Kindle page. After importing, you can review and organize your annotations in the app. Then you can share your annotations from any book with your friends using just their email address. When your friends share their annotations with you, you can see them in the same app.

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